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Norrtälje is a town in north of Stockholm and a big part of the county's area are located in the Stockholm archipelago. The Fire Department in Norrtälje have six fire stations. One have fully timed personnel and the other four have retained personnel. The Headquarters are located to central part of Norrtälje.

Station Manning Vehicles Notes
B100 Norrtälje

Fulltime and Retained


1 Chief Station Officer

1 Sub Officer

5 Firemen


1 Sub Officer

2 Firemen

B101, Engine/Rescue, 2009

B102, Aerial Ladder Platform, 2005

B104, First Response Unit, 2008

B105, Container Truck, 2007

B107, Forest Unit, 1994

B108, Chief Officers Car, 2006

B109, Rescue Boat

The Headquarters of Norrtälje Fire Department.
B110 Hallstavik


1 Sub Officer

5 Firemen

B111, Engine/Rescue, 2000

B114, Transport Car, 2009

B115, Container Truck, 2000

B120 Rimbo


1 Sub Officer

5 Firemen

B121, Engine/Rescue, 2001

B124, Transport Car, 2009

B125, Container Truck, 1990

B130 Blidö


1 Sub Officer

4 Firemen

B131, Rapid Respone Unit, 2009

B135, Water Tank, 2002

B140 Älmsta


1 Sub Officer

4 Firemen

B141, Engine/Water Tank, 2004

B144, Transport Car, 2003

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